Best Air Jordan Shoes

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Michael Jordan was a great basketball player. He was the face of National Basketball Association (NBA) Jordan basketball shoes are great. Many people and players who emulate him buy Jordan shoes. They are great and highly comfortable. Michael Jordan is the face of NBA and basketball. Many basketball players and fans love everything associated with this great player. Jordan shoes have been the best shoes. In this article we are going to discuss the best Jordan shoes

1. Air Jordan XI

This sneaker is the best and the classiest basketball sneaker in the whole collection of Jordan’s shoes. These pair of shoes were worn by Jordan during his first full season after returning from unexpected retirement. Air Jordan X1 are the first sneakers in history to showcase patent leather. This sneaker is classic, shiny, stylish, beautiful and extremely memorable. This air Jordan shoe looks so nice and great!

2. Air Jordan III

These sneakers are Michael’s favorite sneakers. The fact that these sneakers were first designed by Tinker Hatfield makes them special. These sneakers were the first air Jordan’s shoes to feature the great iconic Jumpman logo.

3. Air Jordan XIII

These sneakers were also Michael Jordan’s favorite. When he retired from Chicago Bulls for the second time, he wore Air Jordan XIII for that whole season. This sneaker was designed to imitate MJ’s predatory nature on basketball court. These sneakers provide great cushioning and a super cool hologram. These shoes are great too.

4. Air Jordan XII

These Jordan shoes were basketball player’s dream. They were and are among best shoes. This sneaker is beautiful and lightweight. These sneakers were among MJ’s favorite. He used them during his legendary flu games. Michael Jordan loved those shoes so much. These sneakers have two colors. Black and white sneakers.

5. Air Jordan I

Air Jordan 1shoes are game changers. They are such a great pair of basketball shoes. These pair of shoes is among the best in the history of Jordan’s shoes ever made. Michael Jordan wore these shoes during his first-ever NBA game! NBA had a policy that forbids players from wearing shoes that were not white in color. Michael Jordan broke the rules every time he wore these sneakers.

6. Air Jordan II

Air Jordan II are great shoes too. They are very comfortable shoes. They are made from light-weight material. These great shoes were released after Michael Jordan’s second season in NBA. MJ was wearing these shoes when he won his first Stam Dunk Crown.

7. Air Jordan VI

These Jordan shoes are mostly black in color. They are very beautiful. They look elegant. MJ loved these pair of shoes. He couldn’t stay long without wearing these shoes. Air Jordan is one of the best and favorite shoes that Michael Jordan used to wear.

Players and fans who loved Michael Jordan can buy one of Jordan’s shoes. There is a variety of them. You can choose a pair of your choice. They are nice shoes. They are the best-known basketball shoes. We all know Michael was a great player and wearing a product that bears his name is a great thing.

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